About Us

The Evolution of eSignatures by Orion Systems

Orion’s goal is to develop easy to use, yet powerful products that help our customers digitally transform notoriously paper based industries.

It began with an easy to use scanning solution that made receipt and contract search and retrieval easy, and has moved through the evolution of secure signing and payment devices. From our original OrionScanPlus software we have evolved to offer our hospitality customers the broadest range of secure signing options available. As security demands and the need for flexibility increased, so did the options we provided our customers. As the hospitality industry underwent its digital transformation, Orion was alongside to provide the flexibility, security and choice demanded.

Today, “eSignatures by Orion Systems”, appears daily on millions of different rental car, hotel and entertainment eSignature/payment transaction. It is your assurance that Orion’s highly secure, industry leading software is driving and securing that transaction!