eSignatures by Orion Systems

eSignatures by Orion

Around the world,  a digital transformation is happening across hospitality. The industry is moving to entirely electronic processes, enabling eSigner users to reduce not only paper cost, consumption and waste, but minimize their their environmental impact, as well.  Daily, millions of business and financial transactions daily are being electronically signed, secured, and stored using Orion’s patented, highly secure software.

For eSigner users, this digital transformation ensures that chargebacks are reduced, guest esigned documents, acknowledgements and more are securely stored, and their records are instantly accessible.

eSignatures by Orion will help you:

  • Accelerate both check-in and check-out processes.
  • Streamline back end processes with digitization and storage of customer documents, contracts and other required paperwork.
  • Replace paper forms with clear, easy to navigate and use digital equivalents.
  • Retain the familiar sign-in experience many guests prefer, while eliminating paper.
  • Reinforce your brand messages through the use of colorful digital signage you control.
  • Enable immediate cross and up-selling through the display of options and offers on full color screens.
  • Capture incremental revenue through the display of additional options and services on full color screens.