When it comes to paper, any is too much for most hospitality properties. It is easily lost, misfiled, and costly to store. It is also inherently insecure – easily copied or modified. eSignerPlus changes all of that. Using eSignerPlus, your property can sign any form, electronically, and then store and secure tham using patented technology.  Protect you, protect your customer. eSignerPlus:

  • Signs any form, no more paper anywhere reduce your paper, ink and storage costs. 
  • Securely stores, using patented technology, so you no longer have decrypted data in your environment and data is rendered unusable by cyber criminals.
  • Integrates with multiple signing options  offering you flexibility in your hardware solutions

Designed for Flexibility

Todays hospitality providers need solutions to provide flexibility, adapt to changing business needs and be easy to use. eSignerPlus is the most flexible esignature solution in the marketplace today with:

  • Ability to support any document
  • Interfaces to multiple devices/device types
  • Ability to secure your business critical paperwork, with embedded audit trails and change prevention
  • Interfaces to multiple PMS, Spa, Point Tracking, Sales and Catering systems. Anywhere there’s paper today.

To see some of eSigner featuers and learn more how to get started, please visit our Getting Started page.

If you would like a speak with a representative, please use our Contact Us Page to send us a contact request or call us at 1-877-OrionSign (674-6674).