Getting Started with eSigner

Right now thousands of Hotel Properties and all major Rental Car companies worldwide conduct eSignature sessions using Orion’s eSigner software.

Millions of transactions are being electronically signed using the industry’s most fundamental, highly secure and patented eSigner software. 

As you embark on your electronic signature capture projects, choose the solution that creates irrefutable, tamper-proof, and unalterable electronically signed documents and transactions.


Use eSigner to:

  • Conduct eSignature sessions – present document content and control all interactions with the user/guest.
  • Sign documents in many formats: PDF, print object, text or others.
  • Interact with guests and display documents, ads, images, videos and more on PCs, Touchscreens, Tablets and Payment Terminals.
  • Work with your application to handle realtime, dynamic data or handle static data in standalone mode.
  • Control the signature session easily,  using XML, embedded tags and/or command line interface.
  • Remove all complexities! eSignatures are straightforward, easy to implement and even easier to use.


Intuitive and Flexible User Interfaces allow you to:

Capture multiple signatures, initials etc.

Capture email addresses, text information and phone numbers.

Capture or correct address information.

Receive Opt IN/OUT agreements.

Display donation screens and capture guest input.

And much, much more!  Virtually any form can be displayed with complete flexibility for your customers to sign and complete.





Use Screens for Digital Signage:

Scroll images while customer facing screen is idle.

Set up your image display and control cycle time easily.

Upsell to your customers by displaying images to them on demand.

Update your images as frequently or infrequently as you choose with intuitive tools.


Many devices to choose from:

tablet-pc-userHighly flexible software that supports a variety of devices. You to choose the right device and/or mix and match the size and type for your business.

Choose from payment terminals, tablets, tablet PCs, and Touch screens in many sizes from small to large.

Mix and Match devices in a single implementation.


Choose the Patented Highly Secure Solution:

securityElectronically sign your documents using the most secure solution!

Our patents, (#6,745,936, #7,246,097), Method and Apparatus for Generating Secure Endorsed Transactions, are the cornerstone for highly secure, legally enforceable eSignatures.

Through continuing research, Orion has become an expert authority on using and securing electronic records of all types – legally binding contracts, agreements, registrations, liability forms, etc.


Easy to Implement in your environment:


Run standalone using your custom forms.

Integrate seamlessly with your application using real time, dynamic data.

Run semi-integrated with your application using real time data.

Setup signing quickly and easily.

Use our intuitive management tools to be up and running in minutes.

Powerful, easy to control and flexible. Choose: 



Configuration Files

Web Services

Command Line.






To learn more about our markets and product offerings, please visit our Solutions and Products page.

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