Most Flexible

Orion has the most flexible eSignature products on the market. With eSigner, you are never tied down to a single device type, form type or feature. Devices can be mixed and matched to suit your unique requirements, and the features can be different at different places within your property. Here is a partial list of our flexible features:

  • Payment Terminal
  1. Process Payments
  2. Conduct Paperless Activities
  3. Capture eSignatures
  4. Upsell
  • Tablets and Touchscreens
  1. Mobile (tablets only)
  2. Complete dynamic or static form handling including filling out form data
  3. Conduct Paperless Activities
  4. Capture eSignatures
  5. Use your form including its unique look and feel
  6. Upsell









For more information on eSigner’s features, click here.