Secure Software

Designed for legally binding electronic forms, our eSigner software creates irrefutable, tamper-proof, and unalterable electronic transactions using our fundamental bullet-proof software patent.

Businesses today often have costly paper-based processes for internal documents, contracts, agreements and commerce. This set of processes has become increasingly unwieldy, error prone and insecure as labor and transportation costs go up and customer demand for rapid turnaround increases. These paper-based processes also leave companies increasingly vulnerable to malfeasance: customer-identifying personal information can be lost, stolen or misappropriated, accidentally or deliberately. The potential for harm to customers through ID theft or misuse of personal information mirrors the costs to the company’s bottom line and profits.

As security concerns increase and there is greater scrutiny of corporate handling of personally identifying information, paper will be the increasingly weak link in the business chain. Businesses have begun moving toward more secure and unalterable ways of signing documents, one that protects their business as well as the parties involved in the transaction. This move toward a digital, paperless environment will require security at the most basic level – the ability to both indicate the intent to accept the terms of the governed transaction and to protect said transaction from tampering or altering once it is complete. As Orion and its innovative patent have demonstrated, we can effectively deliver entirely biometrically signed documents that are fraud resistant and tamperproof. The biometric, any unique personally identifying information, when combined with a document (contract, agreement, credit transaction) can be used to demonstrate both identity and intent – the two most important components of any transaction.

Orion’s patent is fundamental in these new landscapes – it combines the document, and the biometric into an unalterable, tamperproof format, that will alleviate the burden of paper and provide the advanced security demanded.

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