Our key markets include:

  • Hotels
  • Motels
  • Inns
  • Campgrounds/RV Resorts
  • Casino Resorts
  • Destination Resorts
  • Waterpark/Amusement Park Resorts
  • Car Rental Outlets

    Globally, more than 2500 hotel properties and most major car rental companies use Orion. Our software is modular, flexible and easily installed into many different environments. To facilitate EMV compatible payments, Orion is also certified with most of the major payment gateways in the hospitality industry. This gives our customers easy to install solutions to eliminate the paper in their environments, streamline processes, reduce costs, and enhance incremental revenue.

    eSigner offers the broadest range of display and signing options to our customers. These options include tablets, integrated payment devices, mobile devices and more. Every eSigner implementation adheres to current PCI and PII standards, and use Orion’s patented technology to secure guest information and data. Legally binding contracts, GDPR documents, payment receipts and more – signed, secured and stored.

    Orion also provides optional integrations for targeted customers, including interfaces to Aristocrat, BizTalk and other “pay by points” providers for Casinos. eSigner also provides optional modules for Spa platforms, custom designed forms for GDPR, COVID, liability waivers and more. To learn more, complete our sales form or ask your account manager.

    The options for display, signing and EMV can be found on our Supported eSigning Hardware page.