Car Rental




Car rental is a highly competitive, highly regulated consumer industry, required to maintain extensive records to protect both the renter (consumer), and the corporation. Economic pressures, regulatory oversight and ever-changing federal, state and local fees and taxes have forced rental companies to seek technology to simplify the process and reduce costs. Since a rental agreement is a legally binding contract, if loss or damage occurs, whether by accident or by theft, the contract must be retrievable and proven to be verifiably original. Most of the major car rental companies throughout the world have turned to eSignatures and the majority have chosen Orion eSigner. While each implementation may be unique in nature, they are all powered by and secured using Orion eSigner!

Avis, Hertz, Budget, Dollar Thrifty, Firefly and others all use Orion eSignature software.

If you have rented a car from any of these leading world-wide rental car companies, then you’ve used Orion eSigner software! eSignatures  by Orion Systems is displayed millions of times daily around the world. 

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