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Improved Efficiency, Increased Guest Interaction and Cost Reductions Drive Casino Resorts to eSignatures.


The highly regulated standalone casino has evolved into a “destination.” This convergence of “destination” and “casino” is driving them to utilize technology to solve business critical issues and increase revenue.The front desk, as the first stop for most guests, is no exception.Technology and paper converge here, and Orion eSigner, with broad device options, advanced eSignature and payment features and easy to use tools, is leading the way.


Hundreds of casino resorts worldwide have standardized on Orion eSigner to complete millions of esignature transactions annually. eSignatures are being used in many different guest interactions: check in/out, room upgrades, points purchases, policy acknowledgements, signing liability waivers and much more. Since eSigner is linked with Player Tracking Systems including OASIS, resorts can allow guests to utilize accumulated points for payment of room charges, restaurants tabs, and other entertainment options at both check in and check out, offering additional flexibility and options.  Additionally, full color images can be used to increase REVPAR through upsell and crossell, our easy to use tools make image updating simple.

The impact of using esignatures is impressive: Orion eSigner customers report dramatic drops in chargebacks, averaging declines above 50%. In addition, customer facing devices increase incremental revenue through the use of restaurant, spa, and package upsells.


These provide eSignatures, Image Display, EMV enabled payment, RFID and other payment options.


Orion eSigner supports the BROADEST spectrum of devices currently available for Hospitality. If an EMV-enabled unit is not what you’re looking for, you can opt for, or mix and match with other touchscreens:

To see some of eSigner featuers and learn more how to get started, please visit our Getting Started page.

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