Destination Resorts




Destination resorts are a new breed of “all under one roof” hotels. With the added dimension of a water park or other onsite entertainment offering, paper volume increases dramatically for these hybrid hotel/amusement park properties.  In addition to typical check in/out paperwork, they must maintain additional signed documents to mitigate risk and maintain compliance with state and local regulations and health department reporting policies. Using eSignatures across the property eliminates *all* of this paper and makes retrieving and maintaining these documents simple. In addition, eSignatures eliminates the cost of paper, provides greater control over documents, and can ensure that no document remains unsigned.

The impact of using esignatures is impressive: Orion eSigner customers report dramatic drops in chargebacks and paper costs. In addition, compliance improves as eSignatures are adopted –  the system can now ensure that all legally required documents are signed, secured and stored, and, if needed, readily retrievable. One waterpark destination using eSigner cited the “new efficiency” as being a driving force in opting to use eSignatures everywhere.

A typical Destination Resort might opt to utilize flexible touchscreen technology, in combination with advanced payment technology at its front desk.



Advanced Payment Options available with eSigner for touchscreens include:


Or, for those who wish to use “all in one devices”, eSigner with Payment devices are an excellent choice as well.

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