Economy & Limited Service Hotels

Economy/Limited Service Hotels


The Untied States alone has more than 10,000 properties classified as “limited service.” For these properties, margins are tighter and every inefficiency can reduce profit. Aside from the sustainability benefits of using eSignatures, the average limited service hotel will note an immediate cost benefit by reducing paper, printing and storage. Combined with significant chargeback reduction, going entirely electronic will have an immediate impact on REVPAR, while significantly improving overall efficiency and customer service.

Results are immediate and dramatic.Beginning the day eSigner is installed, no more paper is created. That means increased accessibility, reduced administrative costs, and reduced chargebacks. Bottom line? Using Orion eSigner can have a huge impact on your bottom line.

Limited Service properties often opt for “multi-function” devices: Payment and Paperless. A typical hotel might choose from one of the options eSigner supports – the most in the industry.



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