Luxury & Boutique Hotels





The Luxury and Boutique market is one of the fastest growing segments of the hotel industry. At these properties, millions are spent on atmosphere, decor and sustainability options to create the perfect convergence of luxury and practicality. Here, not only is paper an inefficient, semi-antiquated way of capturing guest information, it detracts from the look, feel and overall guest experience. To meet the demands of discriminating guests requires instant access to information, forms, and customer preferences. Orion eSigner allows you to make greater use of technology by offering a breadth of options for eliminating paper and going entirely electronic across your property.


Luxury and Boutique Resorts typically choose the least intrusive, most easy to use technology available. By selecting Orion eSigner Plus, your resort can go paperless anywhere on the property – front desk, catering, spa, etc. Because everything is electronic, information can be easily retrieved. shared across departments and with the guest. In addition, you can extend your “green” initiatives to every aspect of your business to improve efficiency and drive productivity.


Upscale resorts typically choose one of the “complete display” options, so the guest can read the entire registration card, folio or other document. These options include tablets, touch screens and similar devices.




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