eSigner Paperless and Payment

Designed for Flexibility


eSigner Paperless and Payment is a unique set of software solutions available on all Payment Terminals supported by eSigner. As hospitality companies begin the transition to EMV-enabled devices in advance of the liability shift deadline, Orion is here to assist! US hospitality companies seeking to be EMV enabled prior to the deadline, can purchase their hardware now, use Orion eSigner’s forms on the unit, and activate the EMV software when they (and their processor) are ready. eSigner’s forms are fully approved and signed by the leading payment terminal vendors, meaning you can do paperless and payment now and going forward. In addition, Orion partners with leading Point to Point Encryption (P2PE) vendors, transaction processors and tokenization vendors to create the solution that meets your security needs, and keep you both brand and EMV compliant.


To further assist you, Orion provides a full storage and retrieval system (eDocs) for storing paperless and payment documents! Using eSigner Paperless and Payment, with eDocs, you can:

* Increase operational efficiency

* Ensure guest Information and payment security (EMV, P2PE, etc.)

* Reduce chargebacks

* Access signed registration cards, payment receipts and more, quickly and easily

* Resolve chargeback inquiries/disputes quickly and easily

* Provide brand consistency

Our easy to use and install software is currently signed* by the leading providers of EMV-capable payment devices, including:

– Equinox L5300

– Ingenico i480, iCMP, iSMP

– Verifone  MX925

*Any forms, images, and input screens displayed on devices must be certified and signed by the hardware vendor to ensure form security and EMV compliance.


To learn more about eSigner Paperless and Payment solutions, or how to get started, please visit our Getting Started page. For more specific information on EMV enabled devices and eSigner, or to speak with a representative, please use our Contact Us Page.

You may also call us at 1-877-OrionSign (674-6674).