Across the hospitality industry, businesses of all sizes use Orion eSigner and the eSigner family of complementary products to electronicize paper intensive applictions, save money and improve efficiency.  As the only patented esignature solution in the industry, eSigner is designed for “business critical” transactions requiring guest/customer acknowledgment and signing.  eSigner:


  • Integrates with the most devices, offering you flexibility in your hardware solutions including multi-function devices (payment terminals), tablets, tablet PCs, touchscreens and mobile devices.
  • Automates business critical processes: rental contract signing, check in, check out (folios), payment receipts, spa and other key documents
  • Offers the most flexible esigning solution: your form, your way!
  • Improves operational efficiency:  End the paper chase!
  • Enhances revenue generation/Improves REVPAR: flexible, easy to use crossell and upsell options, including ads, videos, and more.
  • Offers easy to use eSigning, simple and intuitive interfaces make capturing electronic signatures and input easy.
  • Provides guest information security: using our patented document security, every document is stored in a secure, encrypted format and any attempt to change it renders the signature invalid.
  • Provides options for electronicizing ALL paper intensive processes, mobile check in, spas, parking, donations, liability waivers, HR forms, catering and more.
  • Uses current standards and policies aligned with ISO 27001 and deploy our patented software (US #s6745936 and 7246097) along with numerous security controls, including SSL, P2Pe, audit trails and more.


To see some of eSigner featuers and learn more how to get started, please visit our Getting Started page.If you would like a speak with a representative, please use our Contact Us Page to send us a contact request or call us at 1-877-OrionSign (674-6674).