Android Tablets / Touchscreens

Android Tablets and Touchscreens

Orion eSigner software can display your forms in your exact layout and style on Androids tablets and touchscreens. For your guests and customers, the experience is as easy as working with paper. Using eSigner’s intuitive interface, your guests know instantly and inherently how to interact with eSigner, keeping your counter efficiency at peak performance. You can utilize these screens to capture initials and signatures, check boxes, collect text phone numbers, email addresses, and much more. The revenue enhancement and guest interaction options are virtually limitless.

A typical eSigner configuration has the Android tablets and touchscreens under the control of another PC. In this configuration, the Android tablet or touchscreen is guest facing, the PC monitor staff facing. Staff members can interact with the guest to capture information, use the Android or touchscreen to offer additional upsell/crossell or package options, and more. The touchscreens are typically connected to the PC via a USB cable, while the Android tablets can be wirelessly connected or tethered to the PC.

eSigner can:

  1.     Display your exact form, with your layout
  2.     Capture user approvals, affirmations
  3.     Capture signatures
  4.     Capture checkboxes, initials, email addresses
  5.     Be as easy as using paper
  6.     Perform digital signage functions such as rolling ads/images and information

Here is a partial list of Android tablets that eSigner is certified on:







—— Lenovo Yoga 2 ——







— Samsung Galaxy —

Here is a partial list of touchscreens that eSigner is certified on:






—— ELO ——






— Wacom DTU-1031 —


Click here for sample screen captures.