Payment Terminals

Orion eSigner software displays your forms, images as well as capturing signatures and user input on payment terminals!

Payment terminals are an all-in-one hardware solution that combine paperless with payment in a single device. Their full color LCD touchscreens allow them to be used for eSignatures and other paperless functions, as well as for additional guest interaction and revenue generation opportunities using images, sound and video. All devices supported by eSigner are EMV certified and PCI compliant to protect and secure your payment transactions and customer credit card information. Depending on your property’s needs and aesthetics, these multifunction units can be an ideal fit, as they offer multiple uses for a single hardware investment.

Here are some of the features eSigner offers:

  1.     Display your forms and your terms
  2.     Capture user approvals, affirmations
  3.     Capture signatures
  4.     Capture valuable information such as email addresses
  5.     Read loyalty or players club cards (ie. non credit card)
  6.     Perform digital signage functions such as rolling ads
  7.     Display and accept donations for various charities
  8.     Capture Credit Card Data

eSigner supports payment terminals from all the leading industry suppliers (Equinox, Ingenico, PAX*, Verifone).








—- Equinox L5300 —-







—- Ingenico i480 —-









———- *PAX PX7 ———-







—- Verifone Mx925 —-



eSigner supports these legacy payment terminals from these the leading industry suppliers (Equinox, Verifone).



—- Equinox L4150 —-


—- Verifone Mx870 —-



Click here for sample screen captures.

*PAX is under development