Tablet PCs and Surface

Windows Surface Tablet and Tablet PCs – Mobile

eSigner also supports Microsoft Windows on Surface and Tablet PCs to provide a mobile solution for your property. Using eSigner on these tablets/tablet PCs, your staff is free to interact with your guests/customers in a more relaxed manner, wherever they prefer: carside, in the lounge, etc  As with the Android/Touchscreen version, eSigner is configured to display your property’s documents to your guests/customers with the same look and feel as paper. Since they know how to use the paper, they will instantly know how to use eSigner. You can collect initials and signatures, check boxes, collect text phone numbers, email addresses, etc. You can also use the vivid display to highlight other upsell options, to offer additional packages, and more. The potential for additional guest interaction and revenue enhancement are virtually limitless. While idle, these units can be strategically placed and, with eSigner, used for additional digital signage and image display to further enhance guest interaction.

eSigner can:

  1.     Display your forms and your layout, exactly as they are on paper
  2.     Capture user approvals, affirmations
  3.     Capture signatures
  4.     Capture checkboxes, initials, email addresses
  5.     Make it as easy as using paper and pen








Click here for sample screen captures.