Tablet PC Devices

eSigner does MORE than just capture signatures!

When running with touchscreen devices such as ELO and Tablet PCs, eSigner does a whole lot more than just capture signatures. It handles the displaying of your forms and manages your customer’s approvals and affirmations and signatures, all in a completely secure environment.

eSigner handles your complete electronic signing session using your company’s custom forms and shields you from the burden and responsibilities.

eSigner for touchscreens

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  • Displays your forms on screen (ASCII, UNICODE)
  • Enables complete control by your application
  • Allows for full customization of your forms
  • Provides for Easy, Intuitive Navigation
  • Includes 3D, Zoom-able Buttons, Prompts, and other Controls
  • Captures user approvals, affirmations and signatures
Screen Example 1
Screen Example 2
Screen Example 3
Screen Example 4

Buried in paper? Use eSigner to go completely paperless!

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