eSigner EMV

Orion and its eSigner software drives more than eSignatures! Orion software can develop and implement EMV ready middleware and more for custom platforms and organic POS/PMS systems with support for multiple processors/gateways and hardware options.

Using eSigner EMV, our customers can utilize existing payment devices to do both payments and eSignatures. This means no paper, AND no exposure to cardholder data, reduced PCI scope, and access to forms at your fingertips.

eSigner EMV provides interfaces to the leading payment gateways/processors, including ACI, Elavon, FreedomPay, Shift4, and others. Using eSigner EMV, eSigner’s forms are fully approved and signed by the leading payment terminal vendors, meaning you can do paperless and payment now and going forward. eSigner EMV keeps you brand, PCI AND EMV compliant.

eSigner EMV is also available as an API and/or source code option to our enterprise license customers! This API provides not only a direct interface to leading EMV devices, but full ease of integration into your business critical application. With support for multiple payment terminal devices, as well as contact/contactless, PIN entry options and forward looking technologies, Orion can assist with integration, development, certification and more.

Additionally, our eSigner EMV Custom Team can develop and implement EMV ready middleware, and more for internally developed POS/PMS systems. Our EMV expertise and support for a variety of hardware options and multiple processors/gateways gets your application/device certified and out to market quickly.

Whatever the need; mobile, semi-integrated or integrated, Orion's EMV expertise provides our customers exceptional flexibility and buffers them from the rapid payment industry changes.